High quality injection mould tools are the foundation block for successful injection moulded components. Hymid provides an end-to-end tooling service – from design through to production.

Mould tool design and approval

Many years of experience combined with a formal review process and specialist software has enabled us to streamline the tool design, review and approval process – vastly reducing risk. Our UK team of designers, engineers, process technicians and tool makers work closely with our tool suppliers to develop your injection mould tooling. This ensures it will meet our exacting standards whilst maintaining the cost benefits of utilising an overseas supply chain.

Our tools design process will typically involve:

  • Concept tool CAD raised by Hymid, drawn around your component design
  • Design of runners, flow paths and gating geometry
  • Mould flow simulation, including flow, thermal & stress analysis
  • Component design review & final DFM
  • Supplier raises 3D CAD model of entire tool General Assembly (GA)
  • Tool CAD is reviewed and adjusted where necessary by Hymid engineers
  • Tool steels and ancillaries are specified and authorised
  • Tool design is approved and commissioned for manufacture

Mould tool manufacture

We maintain close working relationships with toolmakers in the UK and overseas, enabling us to supply prototype, pre-production or pilot, single shot or multi-shot tooling for production. Tools are manufactured either to commission on your own machines or for subsequent manufacture in our UK production facility.

Each step of the tool build process is project-managed, so that we can track the progress of the tool and keep you aware of scheduling and outcomes. Our tooling suppliers undergo detailed inspection and assessment to ensure they meet our exacting ISO quality standards. This includes meeting our ISO13485 Medical Devices standard for tooling.

The Hymid team also includes professional toolmakers who provide our clients with expert servicing, modification and repair of mould tools, on site in the UK.

When we receive the tool at our production facility, our toolmakers and process technicians complete a detailed series of checks throughout the tooling – whether it is a new project or transfer tooling. Our rigorous process ensures that every tool meets our quality standards and runs as intended within our facility from the start.

Mould tool trial and sampling

A core element of our fully managed tool procurement service is trialling and sampling.

Our standard service includes three carefully managed mould trials. The initial two mould trials are held on site at the tool makers’ facility and are intended to prove tool functionality; verifying that the tool is capable of producing parts within specification and in line with the anticipated production demand. The third and final standard trial is also referred to as a ‘pre-production trial’. This takes place on site at Hymid in the UK and is overseen by a qualified process technician who will ensure that our process is stabilised and verified, prior to entering into volume production.

A range of samples are produced at each stage of the trialling phase. Initially, we expect to distribute a small quantity for fit and function checks, however this requirement tends to vary depending on the requirements of the client. Some may wish to add a rigorous measurement or validation stage into the process, at which point far more samples would be required. Hymid can support this process and will provide a clear control plan at the outset of a project to ensure this is accommodated.

In addition to a standard sampling process we will also produce a set of Gold Samples during the final pre-production trial. These are referenced within our Sample Submission Reports and will become the key reference point across future production – essentially a fixed entity which we agree to reproduce.

Mould tool service and repair

Our fully equipped in-house tool room ensures your tools are serviced, modified or repaired quickly – reducing down time or delays to production.

Your next steps

Tool design through to sampling is a complex and potentially expensive process. It is vital you choose your tooling partner well, and we welcome inspections and demonstrations of our capabilities. Please contact us, whether you have drawings or not, to discuss how Hymid can support you.

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