At Hymid our focus is on detail, which makes us the perfect partner when technical injection moulding is required.

We have a range of highly technical moulding expertise alongside a custom-built manufacturing facility with 50 to 400 ton machines capable for single shot, over-mould and two-shot production. This means we can provide you with a reactive injection moulding service with built-in capacity that makes us both capable and responsive when you need us.

We can produce high-precision injection moulded components with incredibly fine tolerances, however we also offer services tailored to low volume production batches – talk to us about your requirements and we will aim to support you.

Precision moulding to the highest standards

Hymid is certified to ISO13485 (quality management) for the provision of medical devices and related services. While this may not seem relevant for non-medical manufacture, it does evidence that we’re capable of consistently meeting the toughest of client and regulatory requirements when it comes to component production. And we do so for every client to give you accurate and reliable components, every time.

We are also focused on maximising productivity and lead times, with systems in place to manage production output that meets your requirements. Alongside our component design and tool manufacturing capability, Hymid maintains the highest standards of quality at a competitive cost in a true end-to-end product development life cycle.

Your next steps

For full details of our precision injection moulding capability, get in touch.

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