For Hymid to add value to your product development lifecycle, it’s essential that we also offer a turnkey production solution. In addition to our injection moulding capability, we have invested in both the technical capability and manpower to support second operations and post mould product assembly and finishing services.

Second operations within our production facility

Our aim is to dovetail a range of services with your production requirements to add value at every stage, providing processes that keep your costs down. Our second operations provide the finishing touches to your product and are handled by an experienced and skilled team.

We can offer a range of services which are often tailored to requirements, but may include;

  • Ultra Sonic Welding (USW) of casework components and threaded metal inserts
  • Casework sub-assembly, using various liquid or profile cut adhesives
  • Drilling, notching, turning, trimming etc.
  • Protective window appliques
  • Inserting of threaded inserts

Assembly and sub-assembly

By completing assembly or sub-assembly processes directly from our production line we can maintain quality while reducing your costs and need for holding inventory.

We support lean manufacturing practices with manufacturing cells and flexible workspace, and while we have 1600m2 of purpose-built production space available, we are also able to mould and assemble within a relatively small footprint.

We take this further with a post-assembly service:

  • Hand and mechanical assembly/sub-assembly
  • Packaging (sourcing and packing)
  • Storage and call-off
  • Distribution


Your next steps

To discover the turnkey services we can offer to support your production requirements – from start to finish all under one roof – please get in touch.

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