Maintaining component tolerances in production is crucial, especially in a multi-shot environment where accuracy is paramount to the finished article. The dimensional stability can be affected by various factors such as injection speed, thermal variations, polymer irregularities and many more. This can pose challenges in quality control, especially when the component has tightly controlled dimensions within intricate shapes (such as global positions, internal diameters, depths and surface profiles).

Metrology and inspection

Hymid can provide a comprehensive metrology service, guaranteeing efficient operational performance.

We use a variety of manual metrology techniques to assess prototypes and perform low volume quality checks, as well as a light box to check colour accuracy.

Within our controlled production facility we can provide various types of measurement report, allowing staff to examine detailed dimensional call-outs on complex components. We also have a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) that automates measurement programmes for accurate and repeatable quality control.

In all cases we can validate dimensional characteristics against component specifications to provide accurate data. We can also provide timely reports for your peace of mind.

Your next steps

We are always pleased to show clients our metrology and inspection procedures as well as reporting. Please contact us to see our facilities.

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