Your innovation in product design never takes us by surprise. But sometimes it’s our ability to realise a designer’s ideas – in a practical and economical way – that creates the surprise. Science fiction author Ray Bradbury once said: “The best scientist is open to experience and begins with romance – the idea that anything is possible.” When it comes to the science of plastics we agree. It’s why we have a passion for design in all its forms, and use this to support you through the initial design process and feasibility, right through to manufacture.

3D design and concept

Whether or not you have the CAD drawings for your component or product, we can provide 3D design input. Our expertise is in taking your initial idea and making it workable. We are expert in 3D CAD – and exact in how we progress component design. We always have one eye on the end-goal; commercial success and how to achieve it.

Our early involvement in the design process is vital. It is our knowledge of plastics production and how to benefit from single or multi-shot injection moulding that will ensure you can take your component forward. For us it’s about partnership, working with you from initial concept through to the design stage – from 3D CAD to getting our hands dirty and making the injection mould tool.

Even extremely complex geometries can be formed when you have an understanding of the most appropriate plastics / polymers and tool manufacture techniques.

Problem solving

You may be hit by a range of problems during concept creation or even during manufacture.

Hymid can help you overcome issues with a problematic existing component or even a value engineering challenge. Again, it’s the expertise and understanding in our 3D design support process that has helped us engineer a solution that’s effective and workable.

Your next steps

Get us involved even at the earliest concept stage. We help clients throughout the product development lifecycle, and can work with you during part or all of the process.

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