Full design and production for Satmap

Satmap Systems Ltd manufactures award-winning GPS devices for serious outdoor enthusiasts. They chose to collaborate with Hymid to create the plastic parts for Satmap Active 20, which is the next generation of their range.

Hymid was chosen as the plastics supplier as they knew they could trust us to deliver an enclosure that was lightweight, rugged, impact resistant and waterproof.

End-to-end design and production

A project like this required close liaison between the customer, the agency delivering the device design, the manufacturers of all the individual elements and the company that eventually assembled the parts into a sellable product. The look, feel and performance of the plastic enclosure is critical to the success of a product like this, so Hymid played a key role in the development of the design within this collaborative team.

For this project to succeed, Hymid had to understand the client’s original vision and guide the design of the plastic parts to ensure that tooling could be manufactured within an accessible budget.

Several parts were two-shot moulded as this gave the benefit of using rigid polymers to create the device superstructure, combined with soft elastomeric materials to create seals and soft touch grip areas. By combining materials in this way, not only was the product’s functionality enhanced but the assembly process was also simplified and fool proofed.

From design to full supplier partnership

Hymid’s input helped develop a product with the following features:
Our design phase role included:

  • Dual touchscreen with tough Gorilla glass protection.
  • Waterproof to IP68 standard.
  • Shockproof to IK7 standard.
  • Long battery life (up to 16 hours).


The Satmap Active 20 was winner of the UK Outdoor Industry Awards 2018.

From design for manufacture, through to delivery of the plastic parts for assembly, Hymid is proud to be associated with this great looking product that is helping people to get out and explore.

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